Vriendenkring VUB

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Pleinlaan 2


  • The High Resolution NMR Centre has expertise and experience in following fields of interest : - advanced structural and conformational characterizations of bio-organic and organotin molecules by multinuclear 2D proton detected heteronuclear correlation techniques; - metabolite analysis in carbon-13 enriched biological extracts by 13C NMR in fundamental diabetology research, as well as in other plant, animal and bacterial extracts; - structure characterization of organic polymers; - advanced structural NMR-characterization of organometallic compounds, especially in organotin chemistry, in various applications; - structural analysis of peptides or pseudopeptides, and other organic derivatives with pharmaceutical potential by 2D 1H homonuclear NMR techniques; - applications of organotin chemistry in material and polymer science, using organotins either as precursors to mixed organic-inorganic materials or as functionalities grafted to polymeric materials, either insoluble or soluble intended for appli

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