Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences

Postal address
Laarbeeklaan 103


The main objective of my research is to develop and investigate the applicability of human adult stem cells and their hepatic differentiated progeny as an alternative in vitro model for toxicity testing and liver disease modelling. My current focus lays on the application of in vitro cell systems to study non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases (NAFLD) and more specific non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). Using alternative aproaches to animal experimentation, we aim at elucidating NAFLD-specific mechanisms and evaluate the anti-NASH properties of novel pharmacological compounds.

This reserach is conducted within a postdoctoral fellowship funded by the Research Foundation Flanders - FWO as well as an assistant professorship (10%) position within the faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine of the VUB.



ID: 127836