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  1. A flexible tool for graph drawing using symmetries

    Author: Wollaert, D., Cara, P., Manderick, B. & De Troyer, O., 2005

    Supervisor: Cara, P. (Promotor), Manderick, B. (Jury) & De Troyer, O. (Jury)

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis

  2. A geometric Approach to Mathon maximal Arcs

    Author: Maes, T., De Clerck, F. & Cara, P., 2011

    Supervisor: Cara, P. (Jury) & De Clerck, F. (External person) (Promotor)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  3. A study of RWPRI geometries for the finite symmetric groups

    Author: Cara, P., Kieboom, R., Colebunders, E., Buekenhout, F., Jespers, E., Caenepeel, S., Thas, J. & Pasini, A., 2000

    Supervisor: Kieboom, R. (Promotor), Colebunders, E. (Jury), Buekenhout, F. (Co-promotor), Jespers, E. (Jury), Caenepeel, S. (Jury), Thas, J. (External person) (Jury) & Pasini, A. (External person) (Jury)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  4. Categorical structures related to crossed products and Hopf Algebras

    Author: Agore, A., Caenepeel, S., Militaru, G., Cara, P., Jespers, E., Brzezinski, T. & Kieboom, R., 1 Oct 2012

    Supervisor: Caenepeel, S. (Promotor), Cara, P. (Jury), Jespers, E. (Jury), Kieboom, R. (Jury), Militaru, G. (External person) (Promotor) & Brzezinski, T. (External person) (Jury)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  5. CCD photometry of variable stellar sources

    Author: Tuvikene, T., Sterken, C. & Cara, P., 15 Aug 2012

    Supervisor: Sterken, C. (Promotor) & Cara, P. (Jury)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  6. Characterising substructures of finite projective spaces

    Author: Rottey, S., 17 Dec 2015

    Supervisor: Cara, P. (Promotor), Van De Voorde, G. (Promotor) & Storme, L. (External person) (Promotor)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  7. Codes et tableaux de permutations, construction, énumération et automorphismes

    Author: Bogaerts, M., Delandtsheer, A. & Cara, P., 2009

    Supervisor: Cara, P. (Jury) & Delandtsheer, A. (External person) (Promotor)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  8. Comatrix corings applied to weak and partial Galois theory

    Author: De Groot, E., Caenepeel, S., Jespers, E., Sioen, M., Van Den Bergh, M., Cara, P., Gomez Torrecillas, J. & Böhm, G., 23 Sep 2005

    Supervisor: Caenepeel, S. (Promotor), Jespers, E. (Jury), Sioen, M. (Jury), Van Den Bergh, M. (Jury), Cara, P. (Jury), Gomez Torrecillas, J. (External person) (Jury) & Böhm, G. (External person) (Jury)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  9. Constructions and applications of the binary Golay code

    Author: Vanden Bossche, R. & Cara, P., 2007

    Supervisor: Cara, P. (Promotor)

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis

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