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  • Design of outdoor lighting (residential and urban areas, motorways, tunnels, sports yards, city beautification) and indoor lighting (industry and safety applications, sports fields, visual ergonomy and daylighting). Visibility criteria in public lighting. Building integrated daylight components. CAD of luminaires. Bidirectional photometry.
  • Evaluation of Research Projects Proposals
  • Authoring and Editing of technical committee documents within Technical Committees of the Division 4 and 5 of the CIE-Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage
  • Judicial Expertises in Lighting and Electrotechnics
  • CEN TC 169 Light and Lighting WG 6 Tunnel Lighting, Belgian BIV-IBE member since June 2008
  • IWT TETRA LAMPS Project (VUB-ETRO-K. Steenhaut & VUB-ETEC-P. Rombauts

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