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  1. Hybrid Aspects for Integrating Rule-Based Knowledge and Object-Oriented Functionality

    Author: D'Hondt, M., Steels, L., De Troyer, O., Aksit, M., Mezini, M. & Jonckers, V., 2004

    Supervisor: Steels, L. (Jury), De Troyer, O. (Jury), Jonckers, V. (Jury), Aksit, M. (External person) (Jury) & Mezini, M. (External person) (Jury)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  2. Hypermedia Presentation Generation for Semantic Web Information Systems

    Author: Frasincar, F., Houben, G. & De Troyer, O., 2005

    Supervisor: Houben, G. (Promotor) & De Troyer, O. (Jury)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  3. Implementing an Interactive Voice Response systems using Voice XML over an IP network.

    Author: Mayurkumar, P. & De Troyer, O., 2002

    Supervisor: De Troyer, O. (Promotor)

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis

  4. Individualizing Learning Games: Incorporating the Theory of Multiple Intelligence in Player-Centered Game Design

    Author: Sajjadi, S. & De Troyer, O., 24 Apr 2017

    Supervisor: De Troyer, O. (Promotor), Vlieghe, J. (Co-promotor), Jansen, B. (Jury), Kieffer, S. (Jury), Loeckx, J. (Jury), Desmet, P. (External person) (Jury) & Liarokapis, F. (External person) (Jury)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  5. Learning Object Metadata: An Empirical Investigation and Lessons Learned

    Author: Najjar, J. A., Duval, E. & De Troyer, O., 5 Feb 2008

    Supervisor: De Troyer, O. (Jury) & Duval, E. (External person) (Promotor)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  6. Lexicon grounding on mobile robots

    Author: Vogt, P., Steels, L., Jonckers, V., De Troyer, O., Manderick, B., Harnad, S., Krose, B. & Nowe, A., 2000

    Supervisor: Steels, L. (Promotor), Jonckers, V. (Jury), De Troyer, O. (Jury), Manderick, B. (Jury), Nowe, A. (Jury), Harnad, S. (External person) (Jury) & Krose, B. (External person) (Jury)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  7. Making existing educational games adaptive using AOP

    Author: Corne, B. & De Troyer, O., 2013

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis

  8. Methodology for Transforming an Existing Desktop Application to Rich Internet Application

    Author: Said Ruhwanya, Z., De Troyer, O., Kleinermann, F. & Pellens, B., 19 Aug 2008

    Supervisor: De Troyer, O. (Promotor), Kleinermann, F. (Co-promotor) & Pellens, B. (Jury)

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis

  9. Mobile, client-side context- provisioning via the integrated querying of online semantic web data

    Author: Van Woensel, W. & De Troyer, O., 27 Sep 2013

    Supervisor: Casteleyn, S. (Co-promotor), Signer, B. (Jury), Steenhaut, K. (Jury), De Meuter, W. (Jury), Diaz, O. (External person) (Jury) & Dolog, P. (External person) (Jury)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

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