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  1. Automation of a Speech Intelligibility Test

    Author: Nyachhyon, M., Verhelst, W., Kong, Y. O., Latacz, L. & Tiberghien, J., 6 Jul 2007

    Supervisor: Verhelst, W. (Promotor), Kong, Y. O. (Co-promotor), Latacz, L. (Co-promotor) & Tiberghien, J. (Jury)

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis

  2. High-Quality Personalized Text-to-Speech Synthesis for Belgian Standard Dutch

    Author: Latacz, L., 14 Oct 2015

    Supervisor: Verhelst, W. (Promotor)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  3. Vlaamstalige Tekst-naar-Spraak Systemen met PSOLA

    Author: Mattheyses, W., Verhelst, W. & Latacz, L., 2006

    Supervisor: Verhelst, W. (Promotor) & Latacz, L. (Co-promotor)

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis

ID: 178011