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  1. A quantitative approach to integrated health impact assessment of transport policy measures

    Author: Dhondt, S., Putman, K. & Macharis, C., 11 Sep 2012

    Supervisor: Putman, K. (Promotor) & Macharis, C. (Co-promotor)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  2. Antenatal care in Brussels. Determinants of care trajectories

    Author: Beeckman, K., Louckx, F., Putman, K., Leys, M., Cammu, H., Depoorter, A., Jacquemyn, Y. & Delbaere, I., 6 May 2011

    Supervisor: Louckx, F. (Promotor), Putman, K. (Promotor), Leys, M. (External person) (Jury), Cammu, H. (External person) (Jury), Depoorter, A. (Jury), Jacquemyn, Y. (External person) (Jury) & Delbaere, I. (External person) (Jury)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  3. Aspects of health economic evaluations in perinatal care in an international context.

    Author: Fobelets, M., Putman, K., Beeckman, K., de Jong, E. F., Annemans, L., Gucciardo, L., Swinnen, E. & Bilsen, J., 26 Nov 2018

    Supervisor: Putman, K. (Promotor), Beeckman, K. (Co-promotor), de Jong, E. F. (External person) (Jury), Annemans, L. (External person) (Jury), Gucciardo, L. (Jury), Swinnen, E. (Jury) & Bilsen, J. (Jury)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  4. Associations between pain cognitions and healthcare utilization in patients scheduled for surgery for lumbar radiculopathy

    Author: Gysbrechts, K. & Verstappen, M., 2018

    Supervisor: Putman, K. (Promotor)

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis

  5. Direct medical costs of transport; the case of air pollution and traffic safety

    Author: Devos, S., Putman, K., Van Lier, T., Annemans, L., Leys, M., Jegers, M., Noppen, M., Pouliart, N., Daniels, S. & Evers, S., 4 Apr 2017

    Supervisor: Putman, K. (Promotor), Annemans, L. (Co-promotor), Van Lier, T. (Co-promotor), Jegers, M. (Jury), Noppen, M. (Jury), Pouliart, N. (Jury), Daniels, S. (External person) (Jury) & Evers, S. (External person) (Jury)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  6. Ecological and anthropogenic factors of Cross River gorilla (gorilla gorilla deihli) survival at Mawamba Hills, southwest Cameroon

    Author: Ndeloh, D., Mangelings, D., Tagg, N., Pereboom, Z., Putman, K., Boon, E., Buyl, R., De Vos, C. & Colin, C., 30 Sep 2013

    Supervisor: Mangelings, D. (Promotor), Tagg, N. (External person) (Promotor), Boon, E. (Jury), Buyl, R. (External person) (Jury), De Vos, C. (External person) (Jury), Colin, C. (External person) (Jury), Putman, K. (Jury) & Pereboom, Z. (External person) (Co-promotor)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

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