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  1. Advances in freeform optical design methods for imaging applications

    Author: Nie, Y., Duerr, F., Thienpont, H., Schelkens, P. & Vounckx, R., 17 Jan 2018

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  2. Benchmarking Tool for Concentrating Photovoltaic Systems

    Author: Muthirayan, B., Thienpont, H., Meuret, Y. & Duerr, F., Jun 2010

    Supervisor: Thienpont, H. (Promotor), Meuret, Y. (Co-promotor) & Duerr, F. (Advisor)

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis

  3. New free-form optics design methods for solar concentrators and imaging applications

    Author: Duerr, F., Thienpont, H., Meuret, Y., Stiens, J., Pintelon, R., Stijns, E., Schelkens, P., Benitez, P., Herkommer, A. & Neyts, K., Mar 2013

    Supervisor: Thienpont, H. (Promotor), Meuret, Y. (Promotor), Stiens, J. (Jury), Pintelon, R. (Jury), Stijns, E. (Jury), Schelkens, P. (Jury), Benitez, P. (External person) (Jury), Herkommer, A. (External person) (Jury) & Neyts, K. (External person) (Jury)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  4. Novel Optical Solutions and Design Methods for Advanced Illumination with Extended Sources

    Author: Sorgato, S., Duerr, F., Chaves, J., Mohedano, R., Schelkens, P., Vounckx, R., Meulebroeck, W., Thienpont, H., De Smet, H., Meuret, Y. & Benitez, P., 16 Apr 2018

    Supervisor: Duerr, F. (Promotor), Schelkens, P. (Jury), Vounckx, R. (Jury), Meulebroeck, W. (Jury) & Thienpont, H. (Jury)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

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