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My research interests are somewhat varied. I work on formalising properties of object-oriented and object-capability programming languages, specifically a property called effect parametricity.  My work on formal reasoning about capability machines (CPUs with a built-in form of low-level object capabilities).  I am also interested in secure compilation and full abstraction properties and applying logical relations to prove them.  Furthermore, I work on functional and dependently typed programming and programming languages. I have worked on a Haskell parsing library called grammar-combinators and have added instance arguments to the programming language/proof assistant Agda.  In the past, I have also worked on information flow security, in particular a dynamic enforcement technique called secure multi-execution.


  1. ERC-Opvangproject: Low-level Object Capabilities, Formally

    Project: FundamentalComputer science (including applied information science)

  2. Information and communication technology

    Project: FundamentalInformation and communication technology

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  1. EAPLS PhD Disseration Award 2017/18

    Prize: Prize (including medals and awards)

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