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  1. Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection: a Study on the Incidence and Characteristics of Hearing Loss.

    Author: Foulon, I., Gordts, F., Pierard, D., Velkeniers-Hoebanckx, B., Michel, O., Cools, F., Gucciardo, L., Oudesluys-Murphy, A. & Boudewyns, A., 11 Jun 2015

    Supervisor: Gordts, F. (Promotor), Pierard, D. (Co-promotor), Velkeniers-Hoebanckx, B. (Jury), Michel, O. (Jury), Cools, F. (Jury), Gucciardo, L. (Jury), Oudesluys-Murphy, A. (External person) (Jury) & Boudewyns, A. (External person) (Jury)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  2. Congential cytomegalovirus infection: a study on the incidence and characteristics of hearing loss

    Author: Foulon, I., 11 Jun 2015

    Supervisor: Gordts, F. (Promotor) & Pierard, D. (Co-promotor)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  3. Contribution to optimising the use of two promising preterm labour screening markers

    Author: Faron, G., Gucciardo, L., Foulon, W., Cools, F., Wybo, I., Pierard, D., Di Renzo, G. & Devlieger, R., 6 Jun 2017

    Supervisor: Gucciardo, L. (Promotor), Foulon, W. (Co-promotor), Cools, F. (Jury), Wybo, I. (Jury), Pierard, D. (Jury), Di Renzo, G. (External person) (Jury) & Devlieger, R. (External person) (Jury)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  4. Contributions to the knowledge of the aetiology of paediatric community-acquired pneumonia and the pathophysiology of persistent respiratory symptoms in preschool aged children

    Author: De Schutter, I., Pierard, D., Malfroot, A., Vincken, W., Vandenplas, Y., Naessens, A., Slack, M., Lepage, P. & Leroux-Roels, G., 28 Jun 2012

    Supervisor: Pierard, D. (Promotor), Malfroot, A. (Co-promotor), Vincken, W. (Jury), Vandenplas, Y. (Jury), Naessens, A. (Jury), Slack, M. (External person) (Jury), Lepage, P. (External person) (Jury) & Leroux-Roels, G. (External person) (Jury)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  5. Detection, characterization and epidemiology of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli in human infections

    Author: De Rauw, K., Pierard, D., Scheutz, F., Vandenberg, O., Reynaert, H., Hauser, B., Crombe, F. & Wybo, I., 4 Sep 2019

    Supervisor: Pierard, D. (Promotor), Scheutz, F. (External person) (Jury), Vandenberg, O. (External person) (Jury), Reynaert, H. (Jury), Hauser, B. (Jury), Crombe, F. (Jury) & Wybo, I. (Jury)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  6. Development and evaluation of different laboratory tools for the study of the pathogenic potential of Ureaplasma species in pregnancy.

    Author: Vancutsem, E., Naessens, A., Pierard, D., Wybo, I., Gucciardo, L., Bébéar, C. & De Scheemaeker, P., 21 Dec 2016

    Supervisor: Naessens, A. (Promotor), Pierard, D. (Jury), Wybo, I. (Jury), Gucciardo, L. (Jury), Bébéar, C. (External person) (Jury) & De Scheemaeker, P. (External person) (Promotor)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  7. Fusarium, clinical relevance and mass spectrometry methods for identification, using strains of the Belgian fungal culture collection BCCM/IHEM.

    Author: Triest, D., Pierard, D., Hendrickx, M., De Cremer, K., Naessens, A., Gutermuth, J., Koedam, N., Verbeken, M., Hayettte, M. & van Diepeningen, A., 18 Dec 2015

    Supervisor: Pierard, D. (Promotor), Hendrickx, M. (External person) (Co-promotor), De Cremer, K. (External person) (Co-promotor), Naessens, A. (Jury), Gutermuth, J. (Jury), Koedam, N. (Jury), Verbeken, M. (External person) (Jury), Hayette, M. (External person) (Jury) & van diepeningen, A. (External person) (Jury)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  8. Identification of candidate genes implicated in the virulence of uropathogenic Escherichia coli UTI89

    Author: Derous, V., Hernalsteens, J., De Greve, H., Leyns, L., Charlier, D., Cornelis, P., Pierard, D., Mainil, J. & Imberechts, H., 25 Oct 2011

    Supervisor: Hernalsteens, J. (Promotor), De Greve, H. (Co-promotor), Leyns, L. (Jury), Charlier, D. (Jury), Cornelis, P. (Jury), Pierard, D. (Jury), Mainil, J. (External person) (Jury) & Imberechts, H. (External person) (Jury)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  9. Incidence and virulence factors of verocytotoxin-producing Escherichia coli in Brussels-Capital Region and characterization of isolates from humans and other sources in Belgium

    Author: Buvens, G., Pierard, D., Van Den Branden, C., De Greve, H., Naessens, A., Heuvelink, A. & Mainil, J., 17 Apr 2012

    Supervisor: Pierard, D. (Promotor), Van Den Branden, C. (Jury), De Greve, H. (Jury), Naessens, A. (Jury), Heuvelink, A. (External person) (Jury) & Mainil, J. (External person) (Jury)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

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