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Our research interests focus on three major fields: 1. Work and Organisational Psychology: important topics relate to human resource management (career management, orientation programmes, multi-rater evaluation), managerial behaviour (managerial motivation, managerial behaviour in profit- and non-profit organisations), personnel selection (assessment centres), and total quality management (teamwork, social impact, and impact on organisational culture). 2. Economic Psychology: concentrated around people's individual financial management behaviour (the use of automated teller machines, i.e. wallbanking - and other experiences with electronic banking devices, and the introduction of the euro,). 3. Research Methods Major long-term projects focus (or have focused) on the impact of managerial motivation as a predictor of professional success, managerial behaviour in health care units, rewarding systems and their impact on managers in the non-profit sector, social impact of quality management programmes, the psychology of wallbanking and electronic banking and the psychology of the euro. Recently also focussing on stress management and financial behaviour related to poverty/affluence

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