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Topic A: Experimental in vitro toxicology: The use of isolated hepatocytes and their cultures for pharmaco- toxicological studies with focus on phase I and phase II biotransformation of xenobiotics; liver zonation of xenobiotic transformation; cell cycle and molecules affecting cell progression and cell signaling; the role of apoptosis in cell cultures; connexins and their importance in cell signaling. Topic B: Dermato-Cosmetic Sciences: Safety and efficacy of dermato-cosmetic products with focus on the technical information file and the bioengineering technology for testing, respectively. Particular attention is given to the barrier function of the skin and the lipids (ceramides) and enzymatic systems involved. Topic C: Pharmacognosy: Study of the phytochemical and pharmacological properties of medicinal plants of exotic origin e.g. treatment of dysentery and diarrhoea in traditional medicine of Lomela. . - Topic B : Dermato-cosmetics : efficiency measurements of dermato-cosmetic products : evaluation and standardisation of new and existing methodology for efficiency measurements of dermato-cosmetic

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