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Tempus Omnia Relevat, research unit for the study of time, culture and society, was founded in 1982 by a few researchers at the Centre for Sociology of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, as a response to changes in temporal organisation of society. The group is devoted to the social study of time and the development of a methodology adapted to that aim. Over the years the group's interest had broadened, from a cultural study of time to culture studies in general. The research group is part of the study group Sociology, and consists of a research group and a discussion group. The first, comprimising about a dozen researchers, is involved with fundamental and applied research, the second provides a forum for interdisciplinary discussions about time, culture and society. Current research themes and projects include : 1. Time use; 2. The cultural consequences of the new social question; 3. Cultural changes in Flanders; 4. Media and cultural development; 5. Youth culture; 5. Sociology of youth; 7. Education for citizenship; 8. Pupil's participation in schools; 9. Relationship between citizens and the state (the role of civil society)

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