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There are two main lines of research in the group. The first one concerns integrated system development methodologies for distributed, reactive systems. Current research is on componential development, re-use, iteration, reverse and re-engineering. In this context, bridges are investigated between object oriented analysis and design formalisms (OMT/UML style), formal specification languages (SDL-92 style), and implementation languages (C, C++, JAVA). Analysis patterns, architectural patterns and design patterns are explored to guide forward and backward mappings between different stages in the development process. Tool support for all this research is also developed. The second line of research concerns the application of Artificial Intelligence learning techniques and fuzzy systems to model and control systems. The thread of continuity in this research is on the one hand the relation between (fuzzy) reinforcement learning, (fuzzy) dynamic programming and learning automata and on the other hand the relationship between fuzzy models, interpolation and regression theory. Recent applications include fuzzy modelling of phenomena in the nuclear domain, the combination of genetic programming and fuzzy models to extract knowledge from data and control problems in the telecommunication domain such as call admission control and routing.

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