1. 2017
  2. An Elixir Library for Programming Concurrent and Distributed Embedded Systems

    Rodriguez Avila, H., Gonzalez Boix, E. & De Meuter, W. 6 Apr 2017 An Elixir Library for Programming Concurrent and Distributed Embedded Systems. New York, NY, USA: ACM, p. 6 1 p. 6. (Programming '17)

    Research output: ResearchConference paper

  3. Static Taint Analysis of Event-driven Scheme Programs

    De Bleser, J., Stiévenart, Q., Nicolay, J. & De Roover, C. 4 Apr 2017 Proceedings of the 10th European Lisp Symposium. ACM, p. 80-87 8 p.

    Research output: ResearchConference paper

  4. Analyzing the Scalability of Managed Language Applications with Speedup Stacks

    Sartor, J., Du Bois, K., Eyerman, S. & Eeckhout, L. Apr 2017 IEEE International Symposium on Performance Analysis of Systems and Software. IEEE, p. 23-32 10 p.

    Research output: ResearchConference paper

  5. DEP+BURST: Online DVFS Performance Prediction for Energy-Efficient Managed Language Execution

    Akram, S., Sartor, J. & Eeckhout, L. Apr 2017 In : IEEE Transactions on Computers. 66, 4, p. 601-615 17

    Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

  6. Extracting Executable Transformations from Distilled Code Changes

    Stevens, R. & De Roover, C. 22 Feb 2017 24th IEEE International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution and Reengineering. 24 ed. Klagenfurt, Austria, p. 171-181 11 p.

    Research output: ResearchConference paper

  7. Enriching the Internet By Acting and Reacting

    Van den Vonder, S., Myter, F., De Koster, J. & De Meuter, W. 2017 Companion to the first International Conference on the Art, Science and Engineering of Programming. Sartor, J. B., D'Hondt, T. & De Meuter, W. (eds.). Brussels, Belgium: ACM, p. 24:1-24:6 6 p. 24. (Programming '17)

    Research output: ResearchMeeting abstract (Book)

  8. Handling Partial Failures in Distributed Reactive Programming

    Myter, F., Scholliers, C. & De Meuter, W. 2017 Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Reactive and Event-based Languages & Systems (REBLS'17). ACM, p. 1-7

    Research output: ResearchMeeting abstract (Book)

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