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The Research Unit NAME is concerned with methods and techniques to improve and assist research in the field of sports, exercisesand physiotherapy sciences. Activities include the development, improvement and use of new measuring techniques and apparatus, methods of analysis, research designs, statistical techniques, software programs. Realisations in the past include the development of methods of 3-dimensional movement analysis, a new method and program for error detection in data of biometric studies, a user friendly program for the modelling of growth curves, new methods and formulae for description and analysis of body type and physical characteristics in kinanthropometry studies, methods and programmes for notational analysis in team sprots, etc ... The group was involved in a number of studies such as the longitudinal experimental growth study LEGS, a multidisciplinary study on back problems in hospital personnel, a multidisciplinary study on ankle instability, a study of the influence of weather on rheumatoid patients, etc...

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