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The Centre for Womens and Gender Studies is a multi-faculty research centre which aims to co-ordinate and stimulate research and education on these issues within the VUB and to co-operate with other centres in Belgium and abroad. The centre has sponsored a lunch series on selected themes on a yearly basis since 1997-98. In 1998-99 the Centre initiated a new course in the second cycle, An Interdisciplinary Introduction to Womens and Gender Studies. It has published the series Rapporten en Perspectieven over Vrouwenstudies 1988-93 and prepared the basis for the bibliography on Womens Studies in Belgium now housed at the Belgian institution Amazone. Affiliated researchers come from a wide variety of disciplines including History, Language and Literature, Law, Politics, Policy, Sociology, Education and Psychology, and Development Studies. Members of the Centre usually carry out their research within their respective disciplinary subgroups, but the Centre provides an important support for exchange and the development of new research proposals. It assists in the dissemination of research results. Further, the Centre sponsors its own research on issues in gender and education, policy family, equality, etc. and politics.

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