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The research unit DIWE is mainly developing research on the education of ß-sciences during the candidate years at universities and other institutes of higher education, but also has research interests in the final years (3rd degree) of secondary education. Most research activities are oriented towards the learning process of the student and the development or activation of capabilities stimulating self-learning, in-depth analysis and knowledge development during the study of sciences. This research led, among other things, to an analysis of the learning process and awareness of a more adequate learning process through the testing of foreknowledge, learning method inquiries and interviews. Within the subject-specific interactive working groups (IWG), which are product of this research, the necessary capabilities can be acquired through a process-oriented approach. This approach will continuously be tested for its effectiveness and its methodology will be adapted where necessary. This research has already resulted in a number of different side-products, as the continuous education of teachers in secondary education. Since 1997 an important part of research has been oriented towards problem-focused education. A fine example is the development of an electronic workbook in which the student himself can acquire and process his knowledge (especially in the area of physics) according to a specific study trajectory.

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