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The research activities of the Department of Metallurgy, Electrochemistry and Materials Science are mainly oriented towards surface engineering of materials. This implies the study of surface treatments to tailor the surface properties: mechanical, electrical, catalytic, optical and corrosion properties and the use of surface analytical techniques for characterisation of surfaces and interfaces before and after surface treatments. The study group's main research activities are to be situated in the following areas: 1. Electrochemical kinetics: - Mechanism of electrochemical processes; - Electroreclamation of contaminated soils; - Metal plating (Ag, Cu). 2. Materials Science - Corrosion: - Corrosion management; - Electrochemical methods for Monitoring (EIS); - Protection by coatings and surface treatments; - Corrosion behaviour of coated metals; - Corrosion of concrete reinforcements. 3. Surface Treatment and Surface Analysis: - Mechanism of surface treatment processes; - Surface analyses; - Conversion of aluminium alloy.

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