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The research activities of LIVR will be a continuation of the activities currently being carried out in the CYTO laboratorium that since the unexpected death of Prof. Albert Geerts under the temporary supervision of Prof. Dr. Alain Dupont. The research activities are currently being observed by Prof. Leo van Grunsven, supported by Prof. Hendrik Reynaert and Dr. Laurent Dolle. These activities can be grouped into three groups:

1. Transcriptional regulation of liver cell cell activation in pathological conditions.
2. Functional characterization of the liver stellate cell cytoskeletal focus on portal hypertension.
3. Characterization of liver progenitor cells, their niche and potential as therapeutics.

These subjects are fundamentally but strongly linked to liver pathologies. With Profs. Hendrik Reynaert MD.PhD (FYSP) and Urbain MD.PhD (INTG) we have good contact with the hospital. With the founding of the LIVR research group, we focus on a strong interaction between the various sections that strengthen the translational aspect of our research activities.

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