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The research of the centre concerns international criminal law (interstate collaboration in criminal matters, transborder criminality, international crimes emphasis on problems in the information society Topic A: General and theoretical aspects of computer law "Informatics and the law": aspects of legal theory and philosophy of sciences Fundamental aspects of computr law issues Computer law and legal informatics in the light of legal theory and meta-scientifical thought. Topic B: Privacy protection (concerning transnational data flow and new information technologies) General legal and philosophical background The new Belgian Legislation The draft E.C. Directive Effective legal protection of the individual in an age of new information technologies and the internationalization of data flows. Privacy protection and transnational data flow Topic C: Medical data Medical data and issues relating to privacy Archiving techniques and legislation The European Integrated Picture Archiving and Communication System of Medical Data (EurIPACS) : Legal Issues Topic D: Computer related criminality The phenomenological analysis of computer - related crime The analysis of various forms of criminality related to the use of computers An overview and comparative study of substantive penal law Analysis of the relevant work of the OECD, the Council of Europe and the E.C. Analysis of the substantive penal law initiatives of EC members before and after the "Recommendation No R(89)9". Analysis of the possibility of recognizing the Community's competence in dealing with criminal issues, in particular computer-related crime. Topic E: Criminal Procedure and Informatics Legal background Belgian draft-legislation International initiatives (OECD) and European cooperation initiatives Transborder computer crime and criminal procedure law. Comparative analysis of the law of evidence in criminal matters and criminal investigation in cases where the use of computer technology is essential. Attempt to formulate European criminal procedural norms. Victims of computercrime : Willingness to declare. Topic F: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Economic analysis of the use of EDI Legal problems of EDI Interchange agreements Protection of information systems Economic, legal and technical study of the use of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) in the Belgian commercial field, in view of formulating economic strategies, adaptations of law and security norms on national and European level. Topic G: Protection of Software, Databases and Topographies of Semi-Conductor Products Computer programs: - The European Directive concerning the legal protection of computer program - The Belgian Draft to modify the Belgian copyright law Databases: - The proposal for a European Directive concerning the protection of databases - The Belgian Draft to modify the Belgian copyright law Topographies of semi-conductor products: - The European Directive concerning the protection of topographies of semi-conductor products - The Belgian law concerning the protection of topographies of semi-conductor products@Topic H: Information Systems on Security Awereness-raising of computer insecurity Technical and organisational measures on computer security Legal guidelines on computer security

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