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The main task of the "Instituut voor taalonderwijs" (institute for language teaching) is foreign language teaching (FLT), to a large extent language for special purposes (LSP). Much of the research is directly related to this task and the students are occasionally used as subjects in experiments. The main topics are: 1. Foreign language acquisition, especially of reading comprehension, with psycholinguistic research on word recognition and syntactic analysis; 2. FLT methodology, esp. the use of strategies, of different forms of autonomous learning and of the Internet as a learning tool; 3. CALL (computer-assisted language learning) with the development of different kinds of CALL programmes for several languages; 4. Research on LSP (several subjects) and the development of LSP courses (mainly reading, listening and speaking for English, French, German and Dutch). Other research subjects are feminist linguistics, rhetoric and German grammar.

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