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HYDR is currently developing research activities in the fields of: 1. Water resources management: - Assessment of water resources at the river basin scale through water balance models. 2. Surface water hydraulics and hydrology: - Process study for both quantity and quality aspects; - Rainfall-runoff modelling; - Stochastic rainfall and runoff models. 3. Hydrodynamics and sediment transport: - Process study of current circulation, turbulence and mixing in stratified flows, sediment transport processes, as well as lithologic and geomorphologic evolution in aquatic environment. 4. Groundwater hydrology: - Regional and site studies and modelling techniques for both quantity and quality aspects. 5. Ecohydrology: - Analysis of hydrologic systems in relation to land use and nature conservation; - GIS applications. 6. Educational Research in the field of Environment - Water: - Education and training needs analysis; - Evaluation and testing of knowledge, skills and competencies.

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