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see units FARD en MARD-Topic A : Study of slope processes, soil erosion and soil erosion mapping (Prof. M. Van Molle) -Topic B : Global Change: environmental research, climatology and climatic change, climatic and glacier modelling -Topic C : Antarctic research, Antarctic climatology and geomorphology -Topic D : Cartography and geographic information systems, theory of map projections, mapping technique, geographic information systems, environmental mapping -Topic E : Geography of health and health care ; spatial patterns of health indicators on a global, national and regional scale ; health care planning (Y. Verhasselt) -Topic F : health, environment and development (Y. Verhasselt) -Topic G : demographic change and regional development inMorocco (Y. Verhasselt, W. De Lannoy) -Topic H : Dynamics of the Brussels urban region (W. De Lannoy) -Topic I : spatial planning - environmental impact assessment (W. De Lannoy, Y. Verhasselt)

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