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Diabetes is increasing worldwide.  There is currently no curative treatment available, but strict monitoring of sugar levels and care can help significantly reduce the discomfort and the effects of the disease.  At the Diabetes Clinic patients are welcomed and treated every day by an extensive team of specialists, including diabetologists, diabetes educators, dieticians, psychologists and administrative staff.

The multidisciplinary Foot Clinic allows patients to call on a Chiropodist and on a Vascular and/or Orthopaedic Surgeon, both for preventative and therapeutic interventions.  In cases of diabetes-specific complications patients will receive multidisciplinary treatment.

The Diabetes clinic offers the latest techniques and treatments, possibly through participation in scientific studies (e.g. transplantation of island cells), a field in which this centre occupies a leadership role

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Laarbeeklaan 101
  • Phone: 024774111

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