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TOPIC A : Holography ( Stijns E.) -- TOPIC B : Theory and modelling of non-linear optical materials and structures (Veretennicoff I.) - Wave Propagation in Non-linear Optical Materials and Devices - Optical bistability and diffraction in non-linear optical elements -- TOPIC C : Semiconductor based opto-electronic components for optical switching and optical modulation in the near infra-red (Thienpont H., Van Geen R., Veretennicoff I. and Vounckx R.) - Workshop on Optical Information Technology - Non-linear optics -- TOPIC D Semiconductor based components for far-infrared tele-communication (Vounckx R.) - Components, interconnections and systems for digital optical parallel information processing -- TOPIC E : Interconnects, systems and architectures for optical computing (Thienpont H., Van Geen R., Veretennicoff I. and Vounckx R.) - Components, circuits and architecture of fast information processing - Opto-electronical information technology - Hybride components and subsystems for optical dataprocessing and photonics -- TOPIC F : Optical fiber sensors (Barel A., Thienpont H. and Veretennicoff I.) -- TOPIC G : Plasma physics (Veretennicoff I.) - Transport phenomena and kinetic fluctuations in non-equilibriumsystems -- TOPIC H : Computer assisted optical measurements (Thienpont H.)

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