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TOPIC A : High temperature chemistry and thermodynamics of materials (Drowart J.) The results contributes to the knowledge of chemical bonding. Determination of the mode of evaporation of inorganic substances and materials at high temperatures (between 300 and 2500 K) Identification of the evaporated gaseous species and measurement of the thermodynamic properties of these species and of the materials present in the condensed phase by a mass spectrometric effusion technique TOPIC B : Mass spectrometric study of photo-ionisation (Coppens P.) Direct and dissociative ionisation caused in gaseous molecules by interaction with radiation (photo-ionisation) of adjustable wavelength in the vacuum ultra-violet, e.g. solar radiation in the upper atmosphere determination of ionisation potentials of gaseous molecules measurement of state energies for electronic excited states in molecular ions and for auto-ionising superexcited states study of the stability towards unimolecular decomposition of such states identification of fragment ions and determination of the threshold energies for their formation

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