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The department PRTA consists of two units. Tfirst is dealing with fixed prosthodontics and the second with removable prosthodontics. Currently, most research is developed within the area of fixed prosthodontics. This unit which is lead by Dr. Peter Bottenberg is developing important research on the 'Biocompatibility of dental materials using in vitro tests'. The need for biocompatible materials implies the necessity of toxicity testing. The toxicity of a dental material can be evaluated by in vitro tests, animal experimentation including usage tests and clinical studies. In vitro studies are mainly the evaluation of cytotoxicity or genotoxicity. The two most important techniques for maintaining living materials are cell culture and organ culture. Cell and tissue cultures could be very sensitive, practical and the results are quick, cheap and quantitative. In the present study, by using primary and permanent cell lines and applying dental materials, cytotoxicity could be assessed. An approach of cell-material contact is the exposure of cell culture to soluble components or microparticular corrosion products of dental materials. Corrosion or degradation products will be obtained by exposing material samples to an artificial saliva of defined composition. After cell-material (corrosion products) interaction, changes such as morphological, viability and metabolic alteration will be specified. Determining these changes and their influence on the function of the cells could give a toxicity profile to dental materials related to physical characteristics of corrosion/degradation products. The relation between in vitro results with in vivo using these profiles can be investigated.

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