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In 1977, the sub-department for contemporary history of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel established a Centre for the Study of the Brussels Language Situation. This Centre was to eliminate a number of myths and misconceptions about the contemporary language situations. It was to inquire into recurring patterns of language change, and inventorise elements that determine language choice and behaviour as are relevant to public policy. Taking into an account the high level of complexity of these and similar research questions, a multidisciplinary team word was considered mandatory. The Centre now draws on the expertise of some twenty scholars from different academic disciplines, who are established either at Vrije Universiteit Brussels or at other universities. It has consistently been sought to stimulate and co-ordinate dispersed initiatives. Graduate and doctoral students have been actively involved in these research projects as well. The Centre has organised colloquia and has launched a series of publications, that have been instrumental in moulding long-lasting links with other academic institutions in Belgium and abroad. Its series of publications 'Brussels Themes' (former 'Language and Social Integration') reveals how research collaborations have been harmonised over the years.

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