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The research unit for Mycenaean and Archaic Greek Culture aims at studying specific cultural aspects of the Greek world during the Bronze and Iron Age. Within this scope we investigated, for example, the archaeological ideograms in Lineair A and B. Our studies are not limited to the Greek mainland, but also encompass the islands of the Eastern Mediterranean, which were all to a great extent influenced by Greek culture. In recent years our research group has shown particular interest in various aspects of the Cypriote culture during the Bronze and Iron Age. We examined Cypriote sculpture in stone and terracotta, while also organising two international colloquia dealing with this theme. Our current studies focus on a typical Cypriote feature, namely the combined aspect of a receptacle and a terracotta. A study by Prof. Dr. Frieda Vandenabeele on Cypriote jugs with a terracotta on the shoulder holding an oenochoe is being prepared for printing. Furthermore, the research unit examines the Cypriote Iron Age pottery with anthropomorphic and zoomorphic protomes, as well as the anthropomorphic- and zoomorphic- shaped vases of the Cypriote Iron Age.

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