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The recording of the electrocardiogram (ECG) remains the cornerstone for the clinical diagnosis of each cardiac disease. The ECG records the electrical activity of the heart on the body surface and produces images that are characteristic of both normal and abnormal conditions. Unfortunately, the conventional ECG records that electrical activity in a limited number of sites on the torso and falls thus short in providing the cardiologist with sufficient diagnostic information. All research projects occurring in CARE in collaboration with a large number of Centres both in Europe and in the US (Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Durham, Edmonton etc) are based on the recording of body surface potential maps by means of 120 surface electrodes positioned over the entire thoracic surface. Indeed, only such a large number of recording sites (100 and more) allows the retrieval of the total surface information on the electrical activity of the heart. As a consequence, the rather modest performance of the standard ECG is increased, dependent on the diagnostic category, from 10% to 40%. The present activity of our group addresses the important aspect of predictivity and hence, prevention of ischemic heart disease.

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