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Research in the Adaptive Systems Group concentrates on biologically inspired algorithms such as evolutionary computation and neural networks together with their applications in adaptive systems, optimisation and artificial life. During the last 10 years a lot of expertise has been developed especially in the field of evolutionary computation and more specific genetic algorithms. A genetic algorithm (GA) mimics the way biological evolution works. Like evolution, it operates on a population of individuals which represent potential solutions to a given problem. It then seeks to produce better (more fit) individuals (solutions) by combining the better of the existing ones (breeding). Currently we are focusing on three research projects: 1. The first project concerns the use of the techniques described above together with fuzzy systems for data mining. Data mining has to be understood as deriving knowledge from data stored in databases; 2. The goal of the second project is to better understand the behaviour and dynamics of evolutionary computation techniques. We use fitness landscape analysis and game theory to accomplish this goal; 3. The third project is in collaboration with Electrotechnical Lab, Tsukuba, Japan. The goal is the development of evolvable hardware, this is hardware of which the functionality can be adapted in the environment in which the hardware has to operate; The long term goal is to accomplish adaptation in real-time which is impossible with existing methods.

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