Wout Weijtjens - Speaker

Christof Devriendt - Speaker

OWI-lab is a Flemish research initiative between universities, Sirris and the (offshore) wind industry.
At the VUB (University of Brussels) OWI-lab has targeted the development of measurement
solutions suited for the offshore environment. We target particular questions, provided by
operators and developers, using state of the art monitoring hardware.
In recent years OWI-lab/VUB has conducted measurements at all Belgian offshore wind farms and derived methodologies to tackle questions such as soil-structure interaction, structural health monitoring and residual life assessments. In this presentation we will focus on the recent developments at the VUB on how monitoring can be used to the benefit of operators and show an outlook of which direction monitoring hardware is evolving.
9 Jul 2019

Event (Conference)

TitleOffshore foundations
LocationDorint City Hotel
Degree of recognitionInternational event

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