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10 Dec 20092010


Duration10 Dec 20091 Jan 2010
DescriptionProgramme: * Welcome from the Deans of the ULB and VUB Faculty of Science Dr. Martine Labbé and Dr. Patrick de Baetselier * From Chemical Embryogenesis to Molecular Developmental Biology: the contribution of the Brachet School Dr. Henri Alexandre (University of Mons) * Nuclear reprogramming and the reversal of cell differentiation Dr. John Gurdon (University of Cambridge) * Coordination of Wnt and Hedgehog signaling pathways in neural stem cells of the retina Dr. Muriel Perron (University Paris-Sud) * Building brain in a dish: From stem cells to neuronal circuits Dr. Pierre Vanderhaeghen (Free University of Brussels – ULB) * Do Cancer Stem cells exists ? Breast cancer as an example Dr. Robert Clarke (University of Manchester) * Ethics and regulation of human embryonic stem cell research Dr. Katrien Devolder (University of Ghent) * Closing remarks from the ULB and VUB hosts Dr. Eric Bellefroid and Dr. Luc Leyns
Location of eventVUB

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