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Rough set theory has many interesting applications in circumstances which are characterized by vagueness. In this paper, the applications of rough set theory in community detection analysis is discussed based on the Rough Net de_nition. We will focus the application of Rough Net concept in community detection validity in both monoplex and multiplex complex networks. Also, the topological evolution estimation between adjacent layers in dynamic networks is discussed and a new visualization schema combining both complex network representation and Rough Net de_nition is adopted contributing to the understanding of the community structure. We provide some examples demonstrating how the Rough Net de_nition can be used to analyze the properties of the community structure in real-world networks, including dynamic networks.
20 Jun 20203 Jul 2020

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TitleInternational Joint Conference on Rough Sets
Abbrev. TitleIJCRS 2020
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LocationMelia Habana Hotel
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