Gaia Cavallo - Speaker

The neuromuscular system continuously regulates the properties of the human joints according to the environmental conditions and the task to perform. The result is a change of the joint impedance, a mechanical description of the dynamic behavior of the joints. When the variation of the lower limbs’ joint impedance is abnormal, for example after a stroke, cerebral palsy or limb amputation, the execution of motor tasks is affected. Disabilities can be alleviated by prostheses (in the case of amputations) or orthoses for external support to a limb), termed bionic devices. The ultimate goal of bionic devices is to replicate the dynamic behavior of the joints in concert with the human’s intention, such that the device is perceived as a natural extension of the human body. A model of the changes of the joint impedance during daily tasks is required, and system identification can be used as a tool to obtain such a model [1].
27 Mar 201829 Mar 2018

Event (Workshop)

Title37th Benelux meeting on systems and control
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LocationSoesterberg, The Netherlands
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