Ellie D'Hondt - Organiser

9 May 201113 May 2011

ESF Exploratory Workshop on the Internet Of Things For A Sustainable Future

Duration9 May 201113 May 2011
DescriptionThe Internet of Things naturally lends itself to many of environmental sustainability’s core challenges, such as monitoring the state of the physical world and creating awareness amongst ordinary citizens. However, European research on this topic is remarkably limited. The goal of this workshop is to lay the basis for a European research programme which puts the Internet of Things at the service of the sustainability effort, as well as to put the right interdisciplary expertise together to allow for new and better subsequent research actions in this area. The workshop will be an intellectual encounter between quite a heterogeneous group of computer scientists, physicists, designers and geographers, who are linked by their urge to do something about the sustainability crisis.
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