Philippe Claeys - Chair

Matthias Sinnesael - Organiser

David De Vleeschouwer - Member

Christian Zeeden - Member

Niels De Winter - Member

The main goal of this project and the 3-day workshop (30/07/2018-01/08/2018 in Brussels) is to test reproducibility, and to some extent also standardization of results and uncertainties in the field of cyclostratigraphy. This requires the analysis of 3 artificial geological case studies by multiple individual researchers. The idea is that every researcher works independently.
All participants are free to determine their method of choice; however, a handful of criterions will be required as an outcome must be comparable. The different results will be compared and even more importantly, their pathways and resulting (in)accuracy will be discussed.

Philippe Claeys is part of the organizing committee and raised funds to hold this meeting in Brussels
29 Jul 20181 Aug 2018

Cyclostratigraphy Intercomparison Project Workshop

Duration29 Jul 20181 Aug 2018
Location of eventPaleis der Academiën, Hertogstraat 1
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Degree of recognitionInternational event

Event: Workshop

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