Martina Temmerman - Speaker

Community Service Learning (Clayton et al. 2010, Jacoby et al. 2015) is one of the didactic work forms which replace the traditional institutional classroom setting. Also for journalism education, it can be applied in a useful and innovative way. Instead of carrying out ‘sterile’ journalistic assignments, students are invited to get to know societal partners in the environment of their institution and produce stories which are relevant for the community which surrounds them.
This creates an opportunity for students to reflect on the role of journalism on a hyperlocal level (Harte, Howells and Williams 2018) but also on the role of journalism as such. Topics like catering for an audience, constructive journalism and empowering communities by providing them with more (relevant) information can be related to this kind of journalism education.
The poster will present a pilot project with the case of a collaboration of students of a Brussels journalism programme with a local media organization and with a community centre in the area of the university. Specific examples of student productions and reflections will be shown.
18 May 2019

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Title“Trial and Error III” – Business as usual? <br/>
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