Elisavet Stamataki - Speaker

Christophe Snoeck - Contributor

Ioannis Kontopoulos - Contributor

Marta Hlad - Contributor

Barbara Veselka - Contributor

Henrica Annaert - Contributor

Mathieu Boudin - Contributor

Giacomo Capuzzo - Contributor

Sarah Dalle - Contributor

Charlotte Sabaux - Contributor

Kevin Salesse - Contributor

Amanda Sengeløv - Contributor

Eugène Warmenbol - Contributor

Dries Tys - Contributor

Guy De Mulder - Contributor

The cremated bones from several Belgian Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age Urnfields (including Velzeke and Blicquy) were studied using osteoarchaeological analysis combined with carbon, oxygen and strontium isotope analysis, infrared (FTIR) and elemental (ICP-MS) analysis. In this paper, we will present and discuss the differences observed between the sites from the methodological and archaeological points of view.
7 Sep 2019

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Title25th Annual Meeting of <br/>the European Association of Archaeologists
Abbrev. TitleEAA 2019
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LocationUniversity of Bern
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