Andy Keymolen - Speaker

John Lataire - Contributor

Low frequency forced oscillation technique (FOT) (i.e. FOT below 5Hz) has high diagnostic potential for the detection of respiratory diseases but has not yet found its way into clinical practice. Due to the presence of the patient’s breathing, patient-unfriendly measurement
protocols are generally required to extract the necessary low frequency information on the patient’s respiratory system. This work presents a technique that allows for low frequency FOT measurements in the presence of spontaneous breathing. The use of adaptive excitation signals in combination with an external visual stimulus for breathing synchronization allows for the separation of breathing and FOT contributions in the measurement data. The method has been clinically tested on 63 patients and low frequency respiratory impedance measurements
are gathered on healthy subjects, asthmatic patients and patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Event (Conference)

Title 2019 workshop of the European Research Network on System Identification (ERNSI)
Abbrev. TitleERNSI 20198
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LocationKasteel Vaeshartelt
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